Why Silver Hydrosol?

Protection for You and Your Family

Why Silver Hydrosol?

Extremely Safe

Research, testing and long-term use show that silver hydrosol is completely safe for virtually everyone, including children and the elderly.

There have been no reported adverse reactions involving silver hydrosol and no negative side effects such as those often reported with prescription drugs.

Your Travel Companion

Silver hydrosol can also be used as a tremendously effective disinfectant, much like bleach or other cleaners - only much safer!

Emergency Preparedness

Because silver hydrosol is inorganic with no chemicals or other additives, it can store for years at a time. Some protection agencies and organizations have recommended keeping silver hydrosol as a potential agent in the fight against bioterrorism.

Silver hydrosol can purify water in as little as 4 minutes.

High Value - Low Cost

Thanks to the ultra-small particle size and high percentage of positively charged silver ions, one bottle of silver hydrosol goes a long way. Small dosage amounts are capable of generating quick and positive results which gives you more value for your money.

When you add up the typical medical costs related to health challenges resulting from a weakened immune system, silver hydrosol can be a tremendous value. It is available without a prescription and can be used with the utmost confidence.

Quick Kill Time

Many prescription and over-the-counter remedies dealing with conditions such as skin fungus or other infections can take long periods of time to produce a result. However, silver hydrosol can be effective in just a few hours or a few days. The silver hydrosol begins to fight pathogens in seconds and can completely kill them when in direct contact in minutes.

Scientifically Supported

Lab reports and research studies have documented the benefits of using silver hydrosol. In fact, scientists have found that silver hydrosol can quickly kill or neutralize the vast majority of bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other pathogens it comes in contact with.

Additionally, our silver hydrosol has utilized the good guidance of the EPA for dosage amounts and has been validated by independent third party experts in FDA-approved laboratories to further ensure product safety.

Quality You Can Truly See

The only way to truly and accurately determine particle size is through the use of an electron microscope. When magnified 100,000 times, you can clearly see the difference between SilverMAX and another popular brand of silver on the market today. The results shown here confirm that SilverMAX is superior thanks to its incredibly small particle size, positive energy, purity and overall consistency.

Popular Brand
100,000x magnification

100,000x magnification

Comparative Bacteriology


S-1 wildtype/normal

MRSA antibiotic resistant

(4 minutes elapsed time)



Popular Brand
(4 minutes elapsed time)




This simple yet powerful solution utilizes Pure Silver Hydrosol technology which has been scientifically proven to deliver noticeable results. Its pure, safe and best of all, it works!

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