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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Silver Hydrosol technology?
A pure Silver Hydrosol, such as SilverMAX, represents the ultimate refinement and purity of the silver supplement category. It is the suspension of a high content (96%) of ultra-fine, positively charged silver ions (Ag+) in only pharmaceutical-grade purified water. This is not to be confused with ionic silver, an inferior form of neutral silver/silver salt that is in solution (dissolved), rather than in colloidal suspension. The positively charged silver ions (cations) in a pure Silver Hydrosol remain in suspension, maintaining their fully active state for use within the body.

What does Silver Hydrosol do?
Silver hydrosol has the ability to kill or neutralize most forms of bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, and a limited number of parasites. It can also purify water.

Silver hydrosol functions as a non-toxic disinfectant for internal or external use as it comes in two forms: liquid and topical homeopathic gel. From toenail fungus to rashes, silver hydrosol aids the immune system in reducing the bacteria, viruses, and mold it encounters.

Is Silver Hydrosol safe to use?
All batches of our silver hydrosol products contain the purist silver particles which are extremely low in concentration (10 ppm), oligodynamic in nature and extremely small in size to help facilitate elimination from the body once it has been ingested. It is also devoid of salts or any other contaminants.

Worldwide authorities on silver agree that it is best suited as an oligodynamic material because of the extremely slight solubility of most of its salts which renders it almost impossible for large concentrations of silver ions to accumulate in the human body. This is in agreement with the authoritative medical and scientific literature over the past 80 years.

According to the Merck Index, elemental silver is the only metal not considered to be a heavy (hazardous) metal since it does not accumulate in the fats and does not produce poisoning. It passes through the body unchanged, thus it does not produce any harmful metabolites. In addition, it’s non-irritating to skin, eyes, lungs, and mucous membranes.

According to the United States EPA guidelines, the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in water on a daily basis poses NO significant risk. Additionally, independent third party FDA-approved laboratories analyze our silver hydrosol to further insure product safety.

I’ve heard that silver can accumulate in the body and turn the skin gray or blue. Is this true?
First, nobody has ever turned gray or blue from using the silver hydrosol. It is true that silver compounds (salts and proteins) masquerading as colloidal silver may cause argyria (a benign cosmetic skin discoloration). However, pure silver hydrosol —which is free of silver proteins, salts, and other compounds – poses no health hazard. And research suggests that the silver hydrosol leaves the body within 48 hours after use, so there is no need to worry about accumulation within the body that leads to argyria.

Is it true that silver products with higher concentrations (ppm’s) are more powerful?

No. The concentration isn’t nearly as important as particle size and particle charge. The smaller the silver particle, the more powerful its energy.  Also, the higher the percentage of charged silver particles, the more positive the biological action becomes.  Our silver hydrosol at 10 ppm outperforms other products with up to 500 ppm. This is because such products with higher concentrations of silver are comprised of very high particle size ranges containing little, if any, charged silver particles.

Should I use Silver Hydrosol every day or only when I’m sick? How much should I take?
For best results, we recommend that you ingest silver hydrosol on an empty stomach. Always use silver hydrosol in its pure form and do not dilute it with other liquids or water.

Maintenance dose: Recommended ingestion for adults - One teaspoon daily or every other day taken on an empty stomach. We recommend ½ dosages for younger children, or as directed by a health care practitioner who is knowledgeable in natural & holistic applications.

When confronted with an immediate immune system challenge: Take 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon once every 20 minutes for up to 24 hours on an empty stomach. Once you’re feeling better, reduce ingestion to once every 1-2 hours on an empty stomach. Silver hydrosol also works well with other immune support methods as directed by your physician.

Long-term immune stress or challenges: Take 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon 3 to 7 times a day on an empty stomach, or as directed by a health care practitioner who is knowledgeable in natural & holistic applications.

Is Silver Hydrosol safe for children to use?
Yes, but the recommended dosage is half of the normal adult dose.

Are there any contraindications for using Silver Hydrosol while taking prescription drugs?
There are no known contraindications. If you have concerns, we recommend consulting a health care practitioner who is knowledgeable in natural & holistic applications.

Are there any negative side effects of using Silver Hydrosol?
There are no negative side effects known to exist from using silver hydrosol. However, we receive reports of the positive benefits and results from product users every month.

Why is the silver hydrosol packaged in glass and not plastic?

Plastic containers can contaminate silver products due to the reaction of silver ions with plastic. Colloids will leach contaminants from plastic due to its porosity. This creates unwanted chemical reactions. Glass ensures the formulation maintains its quality and integrity.

Manufacturers often make the decision to use plastic instead of glass it's cheaper than glass, eliminates breakage potential and reduces shipping weights. However, the risk of potential contamination with a plastic bottle is a risk we’re not willing to take.

Does Silver Hydrosol require refrigeration or any special storage? How long can I store it?
Silver hydrosol can be stored for at three years (or more). It does not require refrigeration.

How does Silver Hydrosol support immune function?
Silver hydrosol benefits the immune system directly by helping to improve the number of immune cells that are capable of surveying for disease and destroying foreign pathogens. Silver hydrosol benefits the immune system indirectly by killing the bacteria and viruses the cause disease, thus reducing the workload from an already overworked immune system and allowing the immune system to refocus its energies and recharge.

Is Silver Sol considered to be a nutritional supplement, food, drug, or something else?
Silver hydrosol liquid is a nutritional supplement that passes through the body unchanged. Silver hydrosol gel is registered as a homeopathic drug with the FDA. Silver hydrosol has benefits that are scientifically proven while safe enough to be a food supplement. Silver hydrosol functions like an antibiotic, but is unique because bacteria do not mutate to become resistant to it.


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